Born on September 11, 2000, Emre Kutay got interested in filmmaking and acting at an early age. It quickly developed to a his biggest passion. He tried to improve his filmmaking and acting skills at every opportunity and shot plenty of short films. He began to submit his short films to international film festivals in the last two years. He edits his short films and has experience in the editing program Adobe Premiere Pro. Emre writes short film and feature film scripts that are from different genres in his free time. He tries to write scripts and roles that vary from each other to improve his acting skills as much as possible. He gives his best to play as different characters as possible and tries to understand the characters feelings and express them in his short films. He’s skillful at improvisation and also is comfortable and self-confident in front of the camera.
Emre speaks fluently English, German and Turkish and learns currently Spanish. He plays the guitar for 4 years. He tries to make his short films reach to a big audience as possible by submitting his short films to film festival and sharing them on social media platforms. His goal is to turn his biggest passion and hobby into his future job.

Emre Kutay’s passion is filmmaking and his mission is to share this passion with you through his premium products. The most important value for him is to offer unique products that will inspire you and make you look from another perspective because he believes that uniqueness creates difference. His product line consists of stock videos and cine LUTs. His aim is to offer you stock videos that you probably won’t see in many movies, music videos or travel films. He offers stock footage that has a story and that shares experiences and emotions. On the other hand, his cine LUTs are known for their exclusive looks that blow your minds after seeing your footage color graded.