Cinema LUTs

Three Cinema LUTs for all flat profiles on any camera and a Flat LUT. The Cinema LUTs give a cinematic look instantly. You can use them for multiple video/film categories. It gives a balanced color to your flat footages.

You get three different LUTs by buying this product:
-Cinema LUT 01 that has a vivid and saturated look
-Cinema LUT 02 that has a clear and contrasty look
-Cinema LUT 03 that has a vintage cinema look

When you buy it you get three cube files that you can use in any editing software like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, etc. Enjoy the LUTs and check out my other products and click here for more before and afters!!



9.99 3.99

Note: Every footage is different therefore to get the best results it is recommended to play with the LUT intensity, blacks, contrast, saturation and exposure!

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**No Refunds Available