Custom Made LUT For Your Next Project

Are you working on a project like a music video or short film and you want that it has an unique color grading then let me create custom LUTs/Looks just for you! When you buy this service you will get an email after the payment and will answer several questions like:
-What is the type (genre) of the movie / video project.
-What is the mood of the movie or video.
-Are there any colors or tones that I want to highlight.
-What kind of a look / atmosphere do I want (dreamy, faded, clear, contrasty, etc.)
So that I can understand clearly what for a look you imagine! Also you will provide me several pieces of footage in order that can I analyze the footage and create the special look to enhance your project! The time of creating the look is 4-5 work days! Then you share your opinions about the look and I finalize the look.


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Custom Made Unique LUT/Look Service For Your Next Project!

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**No Refunds Available