Masterpiece LUT Pack

Cine LUTs for every case!!! This Masterpiece LUT Pack contains all LUTs from my Store, I created these 27 LUTs so that you can use them in every project!!

– The Three Cinema LUTs give your flat footage instantly contrasty cine colors.
– The Dramatic Action LUT is perfect for action, drama, horror, thriller, etc. (short) movies.
– The Vibrant LUT is perfect for comedy, romantic, travel, etc. (short) movies.
– The three Artistic LUTs add a faded unique, dark, dramatic and moody atmosphere to your  footages.
– The Dunkirk, IT, Justice League, Shape Of Water, Inception, Arrival, Children Of Men, Nightcrawler, Matrix and Skyfall Inspired LUTs have the same film looks as the movies and give your footage a Blockbuster Hollywood look.
– The Golden Hour LUT gives your flat footage instantly a vivid contrasty look like it was shot at golden hour.
– The Nature LUT gives your flat footage a contrasty look and highlights the green and brown tones.
– The Romantic City gives your flat footage an unique vivid pinkish and orange look.
– The Vintage LUTs give your flat footage an unique vintage look instantly.
– The Flat LUT converts your normal footage to flat footage like it was shot with a flat picture profile. It makes it easier to color grade.
-The Slog 2 LUT gives a cinematic, contrasty and neutral look instantly!
-The Tenebrosus LUT gives your footage an unique dark and gloomy look.
-The Oxford LUT gives the colorful and vibrant colors of Oxford to your footage.


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This Masterpiece LUT Pack contains all LUTs from my Store plus the Golden Hour LUT, Nature LUT, Vibrant LUT, Dramatic Action LUT and Romantic City LUT (27 LUTs in total).

When you buy the LUT Pack you will become 27 .cube files that you can use in any editing software like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, etc.

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**No Refunds Available